Jobs & Careers

NFT Media Boost continues to make its mark in the world of social media marketing. Being a market leader means that the company is growing rapidly and needs to recruit a team of motivated people who are ready to change the web3.

🙌 Become a member of the NFT Media Boost team:

Our current team is broken down into several areas such as designer, marketer, web3 consultant and many others that help take the company further and further.

We hope to recruit more talented people to ensure that NFT Media Boost remains the market leader.

When you work at NFT Media Boost, no two days are alike. As blockchain and NFTs continue to evolve, each day is dynamic and unique.

👑 The customer is king:

When a user buys from us, they know they are in good hands. We do our best to provide quality customer service, no matter how big or small their order.

Our customer service is one of the reasons why we are the leading company in the NFT social media marketing industry. We use the latest 21st century technology to ensure that our customers receive the type of results they want.

In addition, our 24/7 email support system shows clients that we are always available to them.

✅ Benefits of working at NFT Media Boost:

If you decide to become our newest colleague, you will enjoy many benefits. First of all, you will be part of a team that is passionate and motivated to evolve blockchain and the web3 world. The love of NFTs is obviously a common thread among each of our teammates.

Compared to the market, our compensation is above the norm because we want to attract talented workers. Just like in a physical company, you will get vacation days and sick pay.

When you start working with us, you will receive the in-depth training necessary to work at NFT Media Boost (software, marketing tools, data analysis, technology management, etc.). Proper training will be provided to you by a member of our team so that you can grow quickly.

We have all been through this learning phase because everything is new in web3 and social media marketing related to NFTs. So we don't expect our future colleagues to understand everything before they start their first day.

To find out if we are looking for a particular post, feel free to send us an email or contact us through the chat on the site.