All our customers' opinions

We are proud to say that we have 99% of satisfied customers over the last 8 months and it's all thanks to you. To give us your opinion and appear on this page, you can use the message button at the bottom right of your screen or contact us directly by mail. For reasons of anonymity, the names have been hidden and replaced by a pseudo.


"Last week, I received all the 25000 Discord members I ordered, 290$ paid off since I was able to sell the 3333 NFT of my collection at 0.1 ETH each"


"I tried the 1000 twitter views, then the 10k then the 25k and I always received everything within 48h! Just perfect."


"I was able to get an important partnership thanks to my high number of members on Discord. My collection is now sold out 😂"


"It's funny to get 100,000 views in less than 72 hours on an NFT video! I never get tired of seeing the numbers go up #ToTheMoon"


"+1000 twitter followers in 12 hours, pleasant customer service."


"I ordered 2000 twitter likes and received them in 24 hours. Simple, fast and secure with crypto payment."


"Great customer experience 🙌 Easy to use site, I asked around and it is indeed legal to provide this type of service."


"Reactive team, I recommend the Twitter services. I will try the Discord services in the next few days ;)"


"Thanks to Lili and Victoria from customer service who were able to help me and advise me in the different steps 👍"


"I ordered 100 Twitter followers to test the services and received them in 1 hour 💪"


"I have been using nmb services for 7 months now, I can confirm that my twitter account and discord server have not been banned."


"I'm getting to know the team behind it and they are doing a really good job. Dedication to Lili and Victoria from the customer service!"


"Fast delivery time (-48h for 25000 discord subscribers). All points are respected (anonymity, fast, quality etc.). Great job NMB!"


"I bought subscribers, views and twitter likes to really attack the algorithm on all fronts and it worked really well. Twitter did a great job of referencing me for 3 whole days."


"The prices are the cheapest on the market which is very cool! Quality is a good 9/10 (add the boost of Twitter retweets 😂 and it will be a 10/10)"


"The FAQ helped me a lot, I ordered 2000 likes 10min ago and already received 586! What else can I say? ✅"


"+5000 Discord members in less than 48 hours? LFG team! The delivery was supa fast and not a single drop since the beginning."


"Supporting serious projects like this is great especially since it's a win-win for both parties. You gain credibility, you can earn a lot more from your NFT collection"


"My team and I were able to blow up our NFT project on Twitter by improving our stats. The algorithm put us ahead for several days haha! #WorkSmart"


"I tried a lot follower sales services... without success until I came across NMB. I was really surprised to see that they were real followers."


"A shower of notifications on my twitter account: "+10 subscriber, +2 subscriber, +37 subscriber..."! My colleagues are very excited about the launch of the NFT project!"


"Good support, a very attentive team and choice in Twitter boosts."


"I love it! Being able to grow your NFT community in a few clicks is a game-changer for the competition."


"The 25k Discord members package really allows you to stand out from the crowd, having taken it on 3 projects I guarantee it"


"The 25k Discord members package really allows you to stand out from the crowd, having taken it on 3 projects I guarantee it"


"I can set up the Twitter account of my NFT clients in less than 24 hours which allows me (personally) to have a very good monthly return!"


"Surely the best site NFT social networks of the moment! Go for it."


"I ordered 1'000 NFT Twitter Followers expecting nothing and was surprised in a very positive way."


"For testing NFT likes it works like a charm and even made my tweet trend!"


"A little reluctant at first to buy NFT followers, but I absolutely do not regret it! By the way, you can use my code BOB10 to get 10% discount on your next order ;)"


"Fast, efficient, responsive and NFT followers just like the customer service. Nothing to say, it's great and I hope they continue like this."


"A big job done on the site, an even bigger one on the support which is incredible, thanks again to Lili for her professionalism!"


"The best way for me to outperform the competition and sell your NFTs before anyone else. Take it or leave it, it's up to you."


"Do you have a question? Talk to support. You have a hesitation? Read the reviews like I did and I assure you that you won't regret it!"


"Buying NFT followers to build your Twitter account in 1 week and then sending all the traffic to Discord was my best move 🚀"