Why you need to use Discord in your NFT project?

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After exploring crypto twitter, you will notice that there are discord links on many platforms.

Discord, the number one social media too sold out your NFT collection.

In the NFT space, it is vital to establish a presence as many NFT enthusiasts use Discord as a starting point to get involved with their favorite NFT projects. NFT communities are usually present on social media platforms such as Discord.

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A Discord server creates much more loyalty than a Twitter account

If someone wants to learn more about NFT directly from the NFT faucets themselves, they can definitely become a member of one of these groups. For most NFT collectors and enthusiasts, they are not just looking for the best investment, they are looking for a community. Most collectors probably don't even know they are buying NFTs. Therefore, NFT enthusiasts may benefit from joining the servers to receive the latest news and updates on the market, as well as the lessons they can learn from developing, trading, and owning NFTs.

In particular, in order to have a loyal and growing community, it is important to run an NFT Discord server where the community can stay in close contact with the team members of the most popular NFT projects. That's it, you can make room for various NFT projects through Discord NFT marketing and run a server on Discord. Unfortunately, most NFT competing servers are joined by promoters of other projects. Many NFT projects use dedicated Discord servers to keep in touch with subscribers, send updates, and track sales and market movements.

The exchange as close as possible to the future customers of your collection.

Like many projects in the cryptocurrency world, the Monkey Kingdom NFT Collection and Fractal Game Asset Marketplace work closely with both NFT project communities via the Discord chat server. If you're new to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, chances are you'll come across projects that encourage you to join the Discord server. It's been a while since some servers and channels on Discord were dedicated to cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Discord has been serving the needs of the gaming community since 2015 and has expanded into cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

It offers more opportunities for unparalleled awareness and engagement with cryptocurrencies and NFTs. With its wide range of features, Discord makes Discord suitable for building and managing a community. It is home to communities of all sizes, but is most often used by small active groups of people who talk regularly (with a daily message system). Discord is used exclusively for commercial purposes and NFT takes precedence over Discord's marketing services. 

The video game community is very present in the NFT community.

The reason Discord is so important to NFT communities dates back to 2015 when Discord was launched and aimed at gaming communities, its server performance and features on offer make it the perfect instant messaging service to promote the NFT project. Another feature of Discord that makes it so attractive for NFT projects is the ability to integrate selection mechanisms, filters, fake account detection, user levels, and even assign moderators to different levels - all on the same server. Particularly when promoting an NFT project on Discord, some specific bots can be very helpful in helping you grow the community. By posting frequently, hosting events, or even offering regular updates to your NFT project, you'll help everyone feel like they're part of the larger NFT Discord community.

Don't forget that you can't spam or flood, in these conversations, if appropriate, mention the project and ask the community for input on it. We always recommend that you create a buzz around yourself on various platforms - this is not only useful for promotion, but also for getting proper feedback from the community. Social media is an amazing and important way to build a community around NFTs. Participate in open discussions on Twitter, express your creative thinking in Discord channels, participate in streaming calls and meetups, and stay in group chats.

A super strong community builder!

As many of you know, VeeFriends Discord was originally created to build communities, answer questions, and further NFT education before the launch of VeeFriends. To avoid confusion and distraction from the growing community (10,000 members) on Discord channels, we are going to introduce you to a project that can be used to start a new Discord NFT server. To help you get familiar with Discord, here is a quick guide to using the platform. If you have yet to create a Discord account, this is where you will start.

The most popular communities on Discord are youtubers, podcasters, streamers, and other influential online communities that use the platform to build their online youtuber communities. At NFT, we are integrating Discord marketing into building a bounty community, rewarding community members even if they are not buyers, as in the case of the "you can join the community and get a discount" type of deal, but rather active members or potential shillings.

NFTs World #1 community is the largest servers that contains information on various NFT and cryptocurrency related topics. It is the official discord server of the largest NFT subreddit group and currently has around 63,712 members discussing everything from NFTs too cryptocurrencies. Basically, this feature allows Discord to recognize other programs you use on your computer and stream them to your server in real time.