Why start an NFT project ?

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There are 3 main reasons why a person should start his NFT collection:

  1. to make a lot of money

  2. to give visibility to their art

  3. to get into the Web3

According to these different profiles, the convictions of each person will change. Nevertheless, one thing will remain the same: the promotion techniques.

And it falls well, it is what we will see in this guide. After several years of expertise and sleepless nights of research, here is everything you need to know. Whether it's with free or paid techniques, you'll find a way to do it!

A project without promotion is an unknown project. No matter what your goal is, if you don't promote your project, you won't get any visibility or customers.

Among the projects that have been very successful with NFTs, we can mention "Beeple"! The creator promoted his Instagram account for years and finally managed to sell his work for $69 million.

Who knows, maybe you're the next "Beeple".

Whatever happens, here are a few words of advice to respect to progress faster than others: start early, be active on the networks and have a precise plan! Now, let's get to the heart of the matter.

First of all, let's make a non-exhaustive list of the many benefits of promoting your NFTs project (beyond the money).

Develop a new audience for your business:

If you launch a collection related to your clothing brand for example, you will be able to attract a whole new audience that will be a potential customer for your business.

Create a loyal community:

As we will see later, social networks are the foundation of good NFT / crypto marketing. By gathering several tens of thousands of people, you will become a micro-influencer of the web3. That is to say that you will have enough notoriety to obtain partnerships and sponsorship and thus finance your NFT project.

Increase the traffic of your website:

You will say "what's the point? In reality, the more your site has visits, the more you can set up a banner advertising system on your site for example and earn an additional salary per month! But this is not the subject of this guide.

As with all promotional strategies, you have to be careful what you do to maximize your success. It will take a few extra hours of work, but in the end you will save thousands of dollars!

Pay attention to this

Here are a few things to keep in mind no matter what strategy you adopt among those mentioned in the rest of this book:

  • Make sure you use a reputable platform.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of a strategy.
  • Beware of dream sellers and don't hesitate to ask about people who sell "make millions of dollars with NFTs" training

Promoting your NFT collection is still the best way to showcase them. However, always keep in mind these 3 principles. Doing your own research and having a solid plan is paramount. 

Let's move on to what interests you most, the best free strategies to promote your NFT collection!