What's NFT : Ghozali Everyday?

He make 399 ETH in few weeks with is NFT collection

A young Indonesian schoolboy Ghozali Ghozalo sold 1'000 selfies as NFT!

At first, he added his selfies to OpenSea for 3$ each. A total expense of 3'000$ to put his collection online. Nevertheless, within a week, his NFTs reached 1 ETH each.

Today, the floor price of his collection is 0.058 ETH (177$). As for him, the total volume traded on this collection is 399 ETH, or $1,218,273.

So we are talking about a student, who put online +5 years of selfies in the form of NFT becoming a millionaire in a very short time.

At first, he just wanted to create a YouTube video for his graduation. But... the NFT world is full of surprises! Here, the collection was the main representation of a man in front of his computer, typical of a gamer / nerd. And that's what the NFT community liked: originality.

Obviously, his collection was boosted through an Indonesian star Arnorld Poernomo who has over 5 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. Once again, the power of social networks is no longer to do in the world of crypto-currencies / NFT.

Shortly after his collection exploded, Ghozalo says, "until now, I don't understand why you want to buy #NFT photos of me!!! Thanks guys for the 5 years of effort that is paying off."

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