What's BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club)?

three bored ape of the BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) a NFT project on the ethereum blockchain available on opensea

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), or simply Bored Ape, is a set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, the Ethereum blockchain.

One of the most popular NFT collections!

It becomes even the most expensive at the starting price in January 2022, is the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Comcast owns NBC Universal, and the seemingly "casual" talk of the most popular NFT collection on an NBC show may have contributed to the value of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Summary :

  1. A NFT trend with no limit
  2. The ApeCoin
  3. Just a profil picture NFT?
  4. A real cash flow (or... monkey flow?)

1. A NFT trend with no limit

The huge celebrity interest in the Bored Ape Yacht Club has seen it as a trend or something "cool", so buying a monkey with unique traits is also a symbol of how fashionable it is, as a statement that the job is done. in the same club as social media influencer Paris Hilton, rap legend Eminem, megastar athlete Shaquille O'Neal or business genius Mark Cuban.

The vibrant collection of NFTs, its founders, has quickly become a hugely profitable venture in a rapidly growing space. On Friday, Yuga Labs, the Miami-based startup behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the world's most popular NFT properties, revealed that it may be acquiring CryptoPunks. the object of the most profitable crypto art, as well as the popular Meebits collection. It's a cultural phenomenon on the Ethereum network!

All the BAYC on the OpenSea plateform

2. The ApeCoin

Yuga Labs has taken the next step in trying to build a larger media empire around the Bored Ape Yacht Club family of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announcing the launch of a cryptocurrency called ApeCoin that will be the “master of all new products”. Token". "And Services" All new products and services from the company'' comes from the company. In addition to offering "Mutant Serum" to existing Bored Ape Yacht Club owners to create free Mutant Ape NFTs, Yuga Labs has released 10,000 New Mutant Ape NFTs and 10 are offered to the public for 3 ETH ($10,000). Bored Ape owners have the opportunity to “adopt” an NFT club dog from the Bored Ape Kennel Club for a limited time of one week.

The BAYC coin named the Ape Coin

3. Just a profil picture NFT?

Undoubtedly the most famous person to have bought a Bored Ape NFT and used it for his Bored Ape NFT Twitter profile picture (PFP) is Marshall Mathers, better known by his stage name, Eminem Marshall Mathers. As reported by CryptoPotato, the rap icon bought her monkey for a whopping $462,000.

Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry has also started using his monkey as his Twitter profile picture for all of his 15.5 million followers to see. In the midst of the growing NFT craze taking the internet by storm, you've likely stumbled upon a JPEG image of a bored monkey as the avatar of several celebrities on Twitter. You might already know it's Fallons if you're a Fallons Tonight Show viewer, as he showed off his monkey on Monday's episode with host Paris Hilton.

The host Jimmy Fallon brought up the topic casually, and he and Paris Hilton later revealed that the two have NFTs in the most popular NFT collection, Fallon has Bored Ape #599, Captain Monkey is now also his Twitter avatar, and Hilton has Bored Ape# 1294. So it looks like Justin Bieber is buying Ape NFTs for $1.7M, or Jimmy Fallon's guests are buying Ape NFTs for 46.6 ETH (~$220,000) and they are very supportive of NFTs to boost BAYC sales. Sotheby's Metaverse auction also included NFTs from the most popular NFT collection, which sold for a whopping $3.4 million, while the 101 NFT collection sold for $24.4 million. Another high-value collectible, CyberKongz, is notorious for allowing two Kong owners to raise NFT BabyKong.

4. A real cash flow (or... monkey flow?)

The vibrant NFT collection not only earns from the initial sale (about $2 million) of their NFT monkeys, but also from a 2.5% royalty on future transactions. Beyond the artistic value, its founders attract investors and run a business that could potentially be worth billions. In this editorial, we'll take a closer look at the BAYC collection, why it's so popular, which is the most expensive monkey on the market, and which celebrities have backed it so far. Launched in April at 0.08 Ether each (around $190), Bored Ape Yacht Club owners are crypto-savy enough to outpace the NFT boom, or rich enough to buy now that the collection has gained cultural weight.

Last year alone, the four 30-year-old founders of the Bored Ape Yacht Club - a collection of 10,000 NFTs where cartoons first appeared and had access to the virtual world they lived in - Bored Ape Yacht Club - a collection of 10,000 NFTs Gather cartoon primates and open in a virtual world where they live in cartoon primates, live modest lives and start their day jobs while playing with creative projects. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a group of 10,000 NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain, launched by Yuga Labs in April 2021. The value of Bored Ape art is that it also acts as a digital identity for its owners to obtain commercial use rights. In a sense, they can sell any derivative of the art. Because BAYC "makes it clear that NFT owners have full marketing rights to their monkeys", Bored Apes differs from other NFTs in that "anyone who owns a Bored Ape can turn it into any movie, music, TV show, book or Media items. Think.

Currently, the floor price is around 92.5 ETH or... 272'479$ 🤯🚀

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