What's an NFT Twitter followers?

How to have more Twitter NFT followers

Nowadays, there are many types of followers on Twitter. The types we will list are a non-exhaustive list of what can be found on Twitter.

Why is it important to know the types of followers?

Whatever you do on Twitter, whether it is :

  • becoming an influencer
  • launching a business
  • setting up an NFT community
  • ...

You need to know your audience. You need to know what kind of followers you want in order to build the most loyal community possible and, if you're selling a product, have them buy!

Let's take the example of an NFT collection. You start on Twitter to build a reputation in the web3 world, gather people around your project and sell them your NFTs.

You will have to make posts, events, giveaways that speak to your target / type of followers. Here, NFT Twitter followers.

Then, try to find 2 to 3 sub-targets. That is to say, types of followers who may be interested in your NFT collection. In our example, crypto Twitter followers can be a good sub-target.

What are the different types of followers in the NFT community?

As seen before, NFT followers on Twitter are your main target. Considering that they are experiencing a big explosion lately, the target is large and has a lot of potential.

Then, we have several sub-types of NFT followers like :

  • crypto-currencies
  • the web3
  • people who want to make money
  • investors
  • and many more

Are there different behaviors?

If we stay focused on NFT Twitter followers, we can list some interesting behaviors. It will then be up to you to evolve the behavior of your NFT followers over time.

Let's start from the most basic to the most interesting to sell your collection:

  1. Discovery: the latter subscribes to several NFT accounts on Twitter in order to find an interesting one.
  2. Adhesion: the NFT follower will become more and more interested in seeing your project grow and often it is at this point that he will join your Discord.
  3. Participant : he will participate under the posts in order to receive gifts (whitelist, free NFT, etc.). He is close to becoming a member who federates other people on your collection but he lacks something important => recognition.
  4. Ambassador: if you manage to give him this recognition, then he will automatically become a person who will regularly exchange on the Discord, under your Tweets and attract even more NFT followers on Twitter. To give him this recognition, you can for example whitelist him, give him a more important role on your server, mention him on your Tweets...
  5. Buyer: by following these different processes, you will reach the last stage, the buyer. It is important to know that, in most cases, a person who will be whitelisted will be strongly encouraged to buy your NFT. If out of your 10'000 NFT Twitter followers, you manage to get 3'000 of them to mature to the ambassador stage, you can count on at least half of them to buy your NFTs.

How long does it take?

On average, finding and building a strong community of NFT followers on Twitter can take several months depending on your goals. If you want to have 10'000 followers, it can take 4 months, 100'000... several years.

There are now much faster ways to gain NFT followers as we explained in this article: Buy Twitter NFT Followers Guide.