What about NFT games? (Play-to-earn)

Earn money with NFT games

As gaming and cryptocurrency merge, creating new aspects of gameplay that reward players with digital assets, here are some of the upcoming NFT games for 2021 and beyond.

More than 800 NFT games!

There are currently over 800 games on the NFT platform that allow you to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies or NFTs. You can make money by creating and selling NFT games; earn money by playing it; or by exchanging in-game items. Some NFT "Play to Earn" games reward players with cryptocurrency tokens that they can use to purchase NFTs. Since the inception of NFT games, NFT games have offered players the opportunity to earn money while playing.

NFTs are ushering in a new era, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are going crazy for blockchain-based NFT games, especially since they are more profitable and allow you to trade your in-game items and characters with other players. NFT games combine video games with finance or what gamers call GameFi, using NFTs, unique digital collectibles on the blockchain that players can sell to other collectors and players within the game.

How to make $1K / month with P2E?

Most NFT games follow a play-to-earn (P2E) style model, also commonly referred to as GameFi. They became popular due to the success of blockchain-based game providers like Axie Infinity. Unlike other forms of NFTs, NFT games are more than just storing cryptocurrency in your wallet.

NFT games involve :

  • interacting with players
  • purchasing avatars and weapons
  • allowing players to earn income from NFT games thanks to the "play to earn" model

Axie Infinity, the most popular:

Axie Infinity is an NFT trading and fighting game where players collect, breed, breed, fight and trade creatures called Axies that are digitized as NFTs. Another NFT game is Axie Infinity, a Pokemon-style RPG where players can obtain unique monsters to battle and then trade or sell them on the in-game marketplace. While many players consider the NFT game Axie Infinity only as a playable economy, Axie Infinity is nominally a creature-collection RPG where players can trade their Axies as well as use Smooth Love Potions (SLP) to raise them , for real money. value cryptocurrencies. Since Splinterlands is one of the best NFT games with a play-to-earn (P2E) feature, you can earn non-fungible tokens and digital money just by playing.

The Sandbox, the metaverse NFT game:

In Sandbox for example, users playing this blockchain-based game can buy LANDs - NFTs - to build houses or castles, or perform tasks to earn the in-game currency, SAND tokens. The money you earn from NFTs or cryptocurrencies will come from other users earning in the game. We've discussed the many ways in which NFT games allow you to earn rewards, focusing on in-game digital tokens and unique NFTs. eToro is a great option if you want to invest in the wider NFT gaming market by purchasing in-game tokens from popular NFT games like Decentraland, Sandbox, or Axie Infinity.

Create your own NFT game:

You may as well create your own P2E NFT game. The principle will be the same as trying to sell your collection of NFTs except that here we will try to convert people to your game! Get a blockchain developer, build a community on Twitter and launch your project.