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First of all to get Twitter likes and retweets:

Your Twitter account must be publicly accessible in order to receive a free like on Twitter or to receive free tweet retweets, in order for other users to like/retweet your tweets. Make your Twitter account PUBLIC, so other people can Like/Retweet your Tweet. If your Tweets are posted Privately, then only your friends and Current followers can Like it.

Share your Tweet:

If you want to get as many likes as possible, you have to share your Tweets with as many people as possible. With some simple suggestions to follow, you can boost the likes that your Tweets receive really easily. To get more likes on Twitter, it is important to find and engage with the right followers. The more engagement, the better chance the Twitter algorithm will share your tweets with them in the future.

What you need to know to explode on Twitter NFT area:

If you are tweeting in these times, you may receive a higher amount of engagement with your tweets, which may help you get more visibility, and increase your reach on Twitter, helping you to get more followers. Knowing when to tweet is also important if you want to gain more exposure and engagement on Twitter. To gain more favorites on tweets that are aligned with your Twitter content strategy, you have to know when to tweet exactly. When tweeting on Twitter, this is one of the most crucial techniques that you must understand if you want to learn how to get likes on Twitter.

There are a lot of features for getting engagement rates on Twitter, but the one that is used most often is Likes. When researching "How To Get Popular On Twitter", keep in mind it is about growing this audience bond. When you purchase the "Audience Gain Twitter" services, you are also signing up for the chance to receive actual interactions with your Tweets, by people genuinely interested in your content. To achieve high Twitter reach, you need lots of engagement on your tweets, in the form of likes and retweets.

But what "interaction" means on Twitter?

Interaction means :

  1. liking your tweets,
  2. leaving comments,
  3. replying to comments,
  4. reposting posts from the massive Twitter global audience,
  5. etc.

Your best option to boost Twitters reach is to engage with them more, and the best way to do this is by posting better content. If they decide to shout out to you, then your Tweets will likely receive more likes, and may even attract more followers to your Twitter account. If you are unsure of what your target audience enjoys, you can always look back at your best-performing tweets for inspiration.

Use the good weapon : Twitter Analytics!

For example, take a look at these tips for how to include trending topics in your Twitter strategy. Using tools such as Twitter Analytics can be immensely helpful to helping you see what is working, and what is not, for your Tweets. Twitter Analytics will help you organise your feed and cluster your followers to better study engagement, reach, and more.

You can look up the trending hashtags that are trending and relevant for you to use when you are tweeting, so that your tweets will be outside the timelines of your followers.