The Logan Paul NFT Collection (99 Originals) 🤩

Logan Paul NFT Collection named Originals 99

For those who don't know yet, who is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul is a great entrepreneur in many fields. From YouTubes videos, to competing in English boxing against Floyd Mayweather. Today he is very active in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. After his announcement where he introduced himself as the co-founder of the platform The Liquid Marketplace, he announced a few weeks ago his project NFT: 99 Originals.

So, what is 99 Originals?

To answer this question, who better than Logan himself to answer it...

Here are some links that might interest you for more information:

But is it worth investing in the 99 Originals collection?

First and foremost, this is not financial advice and it is important that you do your own research.

One thing is for sure, the collection has already released 3 NFTs currently and it is a success (several thousand euros have been sold each).

This success comes from two things, the project is original and offers many advantages as we will see later. But it is also and especially directed by Logan Paul and his influence is not to be demonstrated anymore.

In relation to what Logan says, here is what we gain from it:

  1. The NFT
  2. The physical picture of the NFT in question
  3. Member of the DAO of Originals 99 (1 Original NFT = 1 vote)
  4. Holder earns 1% royalty of LP's revenue during the auction phase of entire 99 Originals collection

One thing to note, each NFT is sold as an auction. This means that in the end, the person who puts the most ETH on the line will win the auction.

If you have the funds to compete with the different people who will be bidding, then it "may be worth" to get into the battle. This is a project that has the potential to become a blue-chip NFT project as we say in web3.

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