The basics for increasing followers on Twitter 📈

Brands go to Twitter to connect with their audience, which is not surprising. In fact, 53% of Twitter users are more likely to buy a new product first.

Increasing followers on Twitter doesn't just make the brand more popular. It makes it easier for potential customers to trust your business. It also establishes your place in your industry. And it shows your customers, prospects and even competitors that you are a reputable brand.

How can your brand organically increase followers on Twitter?

Here are 7 simple tips:

Share useful and relevant content

Users access Twitter to participate in conversations and consume content that interests them. Therefore, to increase your followers, you need to make sure your content, such as sales tweets, product tutorials and news, resonates with your audience and provides value.

If you're not sure what that content is, use Twitter Insights to learn more about what resonates with your audience.

Post visual content

97% of Twitter users focus on visual, so adding media to your tweets really makes them stand out. Insert multiple images and videos to make your content more engaging and grab attention.

For Twitter photos, find out the good and bad habits.

Tweet regularly

It's important to provide content regularly so your viewers can trust and look forward to your posts. Create a content calendar to plan your ideas and tweet at important times and events.

Interact with other users

Above all, Twitter is trying to connect users. Don't just tweet. Follow other industry accounts, retweet influencer content, interact with community leaders, and respond to mentions and customers to build engagement and connections.

You can also find micro-influencers to promote your business or product. They can help you expand your reach and gain the trust of a new audience.

Please enter @name as soon as possible

It stands out as much as possible. Add a follow button to your website and embed your username in various materials, especially business cards and menus, including email signatures and links to your Twitter profile in newsletters.

Leverage your existing customer base

Did you know that you can find currently registered customers on Twitter through email? Easily access your latest email address book and follow us on Twitter to let your customers know you're ready to interact with them.

Launch a subscriber campaign

In addition to organic subscriber initiatives, you can accelerate your growth by launching subscriber campaigns. These campaigns allow you to promote your account to a specific audience.