Social Media NFT Promotion Now Explain 💻

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This point seems obvious, but it is important to make a pass at it before everyone is on the same page.

It doesn't matter if you have a lot of NFT followers on your networks or not. Firstly because you will learn how to attract new ones in the rest of this guide but also because you don't need a million followers to sell your entire NFTs collection.

First of all, always keep in mind that not everyone knows the world of NFTs. So prepare 2-3 posts on your networks that explain the universe, what it is and why it is wise to own them.

By doing this, you will already stand out from 70% of the competition who only publish NFT content without explaining it to the uninitiated.

What platform should I use?

Actually... as many as possible. From Instagram to Twitter, to YouTube to Reddit, to Snapchat to Telegram. Not to mention Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and TikTok!

One word: everywhere! Be everywhere!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you can do on these different social networks:

  • join communities and share your work
  • organize a space and host discussions around your NFT
  • organize giveaways
  • collaborate with similar people for inspiration (but more on that later)
  • assess your target audience and what motivates them
  • create and publish quality content regularly

In any case, no matter what your strategy is on the networks, here are two very important things that are surprisingly rare in NFT projects:

  • the use of the right hashtags
  • content based on video formats

Hashtags and keywords in your publications are essential!

But how to find the right ones?

You can follow the biggest NFT accounts to get inspired by their hashtags. If they got this far, it's also thanks to this method which means that they studied the right hashtags on their side. So you don't need to waste time doing it!

We invite you to go to the part of this guide dedicated to influencers to see the list of interesting people to follow and study.

If you want to do the research yourself, there are a few things to consider. First of all, the volume of a hashtag.

For example, the hashtag "#NFT" on Instagram has over 12 million posts. If you position yourself on it, you will literally get lost in the mass. So it's not worth considering it.

You're going to have to find hashtags that have volumes ranging from 10,000 posts to 300,000 posts if you want to rank well.

For example, the hashtag "#nftinvestor" on Instagram has a volume of 300'000 posts. Obviously, the hashtags must be consistent with web3 and your project.

According to a study (Ninja firm), 60% of Internet users prefer video content! It is therefore important to note that video marketing on networks creates more engagement.

People like to watch videos, but quality videos! In addition, the first 3 seconds must make people want to stay on the video... otherwise you will lose the user.

Afterwards, a user will only watch 30 seconds of your video in normal time. So you have to focus on the first 3 seconds and then on the next 30 seconds. If your video lasts longer, tell yourself that it is only a bonus.

A good idea is to create a teaser, like a movie, which will create excitement among users! If you can create this excitement, you have already taken a huge step on the road to success.