Logan Paul announce is NFT platform (Liquid Marketplace)

Logan Paul announce is NFT Marketplace to buy and sell real object in NFT

Social media influencer Logan Paul and co-founders Ryan Bahadori and Amin Nickdel have officially launched Liquid Marketplace, a platform for the sale of tokenized physical and digital collectibles.

Who is behind Liquid Marketplace?

Collectors Group's co-founders, including CEO Ryan Bahadori, president and president Amin Nicdel, and Liquid MarketPlace, a Toronto-based startup led by Logan Paul, want the public to have LeBron James' starting paper. Or maybe their favorite rare Pokémon.

Logan Paul is getting more involved into the world of NFTs!

At Logan Paul's startup, which wants to tokenize physical collectibles and allow fractional ownership, Liquid MarketPlaces' competitors include Collectors and New Yorks Rally, which last fall removed from a list of backers that included Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Raised $15 million at a $175 million valuation. Durant Ventures Fund, Thirty-Five Ventures. With the launch of its marketplace, the startup, led by Logan Paul, joins a growing number of companies looking to use blockchain technology to "tokenize" physical collectibles. With the booming sports card industry, your market is being rolled out, your market.

What can I buy on the Liquid Marketplace?

On a platform called the Liquid MarketPlace launch, it will offer several items, including "YouTuber Logan Paul Personal WOTC Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Booster Box", a series of rare National Treasures and CryptoPunk #6837 basketball cards, a sports eye mask, and a purple cap. Among the platform's rarest collectibles that you can co-own are the $1.1 million Pikachu Illustrator PSA 8, a box of Pokemon Logan Pauls 1st Edition ($378k), and CryptoPunk #6837 ($250k). The new platform marks physical collectibles that can be bought, sold and traded, allowing anyone to own a piece of the world's rarest items.

The Liquid Marketplace of Logan Paul where you can buy some parts of an NFT

YouTuber and avid Pokémon card collector Logan Paul is now a co-owner of the Liquid marketplace, where anyone can invest tokens to collectively own valuable or collectible items. YouTuber Logan Paul, along with co-founders Ryan Bahadori and Amin Nickdel, launched a platform called Liquid MarketPlace, which aims to use physical (and digital) items like trading cards, use physical (and digital) items as trading cards, and put They are tokenized. . . . CEO Ryan Bahadori Pokémon said the idea for the startup led by Logan Paul came about after discussions he had with president and president Amin Nicdel.

Logan makes some of his objects available

Logan Paul owns 100 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in which he has invested over $4 million; there are several cryptocurrency projects in development (including CryptoZoo, a digital zoo where users can breed, collect and sell NFTs and other exotic hybrids, but was shelved after some initial criticism); after loving the game as a child, he became a well-known figure in the world of Pokémon collectors—he now owns a copy of what he says is worth $1 million Charizard Card (after purchase for $150,000). Logan Paul is working with Bondly to create and distribute his own non-fungible token, a peer-to-peer exchange that allows transactions on any chain and any medium. After joining NFTs last year, Paul started selling his NFT collection, which brought him $3.5 million in cryptocurrency on the first day it went live. Paul's interest in collectibles exploded last year when his investment in the first edition of the Pokemon cards blew up.

Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions, describes how Logan Paul is using his platform after they became a partner of this spring's first edition of Pokemon Cards Live. Logan Paul auctioned off 36 sets of cards with an initial bid of $10,000 each, and after bringing traffic to the auction through his social media, the average price per set was $34,000, "It's a box." The most expensive Pokémon ever," says Ken Golding. Web guy Logan Paul just brought a $6 million Pokemon card to Wrestlemania — the word I started using because I had to type — —He also launched a site this week called Liquid Marketplace, which claims to sell stakes in physical collectibles, but actually sounds like a disaster awaits on every conceivable level. Social media celebrity and YouTuber Logan Paul announced a new venture to develop a blockchain-based marketplace with a unique twist, a blockchain-based marketplace with a unique twist.

Founded by seasoned collectors Ryan Bravery, Amin Nickdale and a new platform, it offers carefully selected valuable and untraceable merchandise and is the only trading platform of its kind to offer a truly democratic approach to collecting through its voting page that allows users to give them the right to dispose of their property . The new platform does not own any underlying tokens or collectibles, but instead provides a technical solution that allows the tokenization and re-trading of co-owned shares.

NFT NBA on the Liquid Marketplace?

Now, Liquid Marketplace has revealed what its main items will be at launch: a Lebron James Exquisite-signed starter card with a 7-figure patch and a million-dollar Pikachu Illustrator PSA 8 card. Toronto, April 5, 2022 /CNW/ -- A new platform launched today. On its official website, NFT Market revealed that it is home to valuable collectibles.

While Logan fans celebrated the announcement, others were mildly concerned that the Liquid Marketplace smelled like NFTs, especially with the idea of ​​tokenizing physical assets. Paul, however, has yet to confirm any plans to create his own NFT market following the early February announcements.

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