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Want to improve your visibility on Twitter? It's all about the number of followers you have.

The platform of the little blue bird greatly values accounts with a good number of followers. But Twitter also values the number of interactions on your publications!

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That's why it's extremely important to have a good ratio of followers - likes - views and retweets on Twitter. This ratio is even truer when it comes to an NFT project! It is therefore necessary that your account is on all fronts.

How To Buy NFT Twitter Followers?

Nowadays, it has never been easier to buy cheap Twitter followers. Nevertheless, not many people give access to buying NFT Twitter followers!

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The real question you need to ask yourself is:

  • Are you ready to become popular on Twitter?
  • Are you ready to make thousands of Ether from the sale of your NFT collection?

The brave ones will say yes, the others will leave. Either way, to sell all the NFTs in your collection, you need a strong community. Otherwise, what's the point of starting a NFT collection and selling 3 out of 5'000...

All the stakes of a collection that works and a collection that fails is there: the community and the credibility.

Creating a community takes time. The famous BAYC collection took several months before reaching a sufficient community and making their collection known. Beyond that, the help of many influencers helped them to accelerate their progression.

It would take on average 1 year before having a strong community, loyal and ready to buy your NFT.

In 1 year... the world changes fast.

One year ago, NFTs were not yet known. Today, they are in the mouths (and wallets) of millions of people.

So we agree, in 1 year everything can change! And no one wants to miss the boat and miss the opportunity that web3 represents.

That's why NFT Media Boost was born. It was born out of the desire to help brave people who are embarking on the NFT adventure to create and sell their collection in just 4 months.

No need to wait 1 year to have a loyal community, it is now possible in 1 click. Buying Twitter followers has never been so easy!

But remember, likes, views and retweets also count to convince as many people as possible. That's why you can buy Twitter likes but also buy Twitter views directly on the official website.

If only that was all... NFT Media Boost is not the number 1 on the market for nothing.

Being RT by an influencer:

You also have the privilege to be retweeted by one of our influencers (between 100'000 and 500'000 followers on their account). This is the ultimate VIP service offered by NFT Media Boost.

Knowing that on average, a retweet from such a big influencer costs +5'000$, here you can have one for only 97$.

It's probably too good to be true. But NFT Media Boost has been on the market for several years and has managed to build a consistent and supportive network of partners. This is what allows them to offer you such exceptional deals.

But why choose Twitter to promote your NFT collection?

In terms of NFT and after Elon Musk's takeover, Twitter is clearly the network of the moment in terms of blockchain technologies. With Discord, these are the 2 must-haves if you want to explode your revenues.

Beyond getting more visibility on the platform by buying Twitter NFT subscribers. You will also put yourself forward in order to get partnerships with other players in the field.

You will be able to exchange sponsored tweets with other NFT projects and reach very invested communities.

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Is it really safe?

In addition to being secure via many protocols that you can find in the mentions of the site, the latter uses blockchain technology for the various transactions. You are then 100% anonymous and evolve in a secure environment.

At the moment, the site celebrates its +1'200 customers and offers a temporary discount of -30% on its Twitter subscribers and Discord members.

If you are still hesitant, try the smallest products, watch your Twitter account grow in an instant and be convinced just like we were.

The smallest offer being the purchase of 100 Twitter followers for only $2.90. Enough to try it without spending any money.

It's time to step up and buy Twitter followers 💎