How to Get NFT Followers on Twitter: 5 Best Tips

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Contents :

  1. Introduction
  2. Why does the algorithm take into account the number of followers on Twitter?
  3. How to get NFT Twitter followers organically
  4. How to buy NFT followers on Twitter
  5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

One might think that Twitter is not the best platform today to go viral when you have TikTok on the side! However, when it comes to an NFT project, there is no better weapon.

In general, Twitter is still one of the best social media sites for building a community (perfect for selling an NFTs collection).

Indeed, the platform promotes transparency and active participation and generates a higher average interaction rate than other platforms. Twitter has unparalleled tools to segment different content, which makes it easy to have conversations with the right people on topics like crypto-currencies, NFTs, web3, blockchain and so on.

Currently, there are about 330 million active users on the platform. If even 0.001% of them are interested in NFTs, you have +300,000 potential customers to go after.

2. Why does the algorithm take into account the number of followers on Twitter?

With more than 330 million users, Twitter has a monstrous potential but the logic of social networks is that an account with more NFT followers has more reach than another. This is my hard law of social networks and Twitter is not part of it, NFTs even less.

For Twitter to propel your Tweet, your followers (the first to see it) must interact with it and then Twitter will send it to X number of people based on the engagement generated. The more your Tweet has been seen, the further it will go on the platform.

Here, likes and retweets will dominate, but followers will give credibility to your account. Better to have 10'000 followers than 100 when you want to sell an NFT, don't you agree?

And strangely enough, the hardest followers to get are the first ones. Because after that, a snowball effect comes into play and users will be afraid to miss something when they see your account and will therefore subscribe en masse and make you grow even more.

3. How to get NFT followers on Twitter organically?

a. Optimize your Twitter profile to attract NFT followers on Twitter

Despite the influence you could have using Twitter, not having a neat and up-to-date profile can turn off many potential followers. Making sure your Twitter profile is well presented is therefore one of the first things you should do to gain more followers on Twitter.

Especially since, in the world of NFTs which is currently a very artistic medium, having a striking visual is paramount. Investors are buying an ORIGINAL and aesthetically pleasing digital asset.

So what you need to make sure you optimize on your profile:

  • Add a profile picture - It's silly, but there are still people who don't do it (a simple logo that is visible in the mass of tweets).
  • Add a cover image - Use a service like Canva to create your header image for free online if you're having trouble choosing the perfect image with the right dimensions.
  • Write a bio - People read bios if they are short! In general, pitch your NFT project in one sentence and then add a call to action to your Discord server link.
  • Add a link to your Discord server - this is the famous link we were talking about before. If you don't have it, you lose at least 30% of the investors who will characterize your project as "not credible". Discord and Twitter is a must-have combo in selling your NFT collection.

BAYC best nft project

Take inspiration from great projects like BAYC, a simple logo, an intriguing cover, a quick read bio and a link to drive traffic off Twitter and convert it.

b. Engage with your NFT Twitter followers

When your Twitter followers engage and share your content, their followers notice the activity and become interested. So far, nothing new.

The idea here is simple, if someone has taken the time to send you a private message or leave a comment, then respond to them and seek to create a dialogue.

The more positive messages you get, the better your image will be and your sales will thank you!

c. Keep an eye on your competitors

Your competitors can be a great source of inspiration.

Learn from them, do better and pick up on good methods. Are they running a contest in partnership with another NFT project and it's working well? Do the same.

d. Focus on visual content whenever possible

Twitter itself has repeatedly pointed out that using any visual medium in a tweet increases engagement. Whether it's images, videos, gifs, article previews, etc.

This was already true in the general use of Twitter, but in the world of NFTs it is almost unthinkable not to put images, videos or GIFs in each of your Tweets! Even a "GM" deserves to have his GIF customized to the image of your NFTs.

The more space you take in the Twitter feed, the more you will be seen!

e. Tweet regularly

You're missing out on every shot you don't take. How do you get famous on Twitter? - Increase your use of the platform. The more you tweet, the more likely it is that one of your tweets will reach your audience and go viral (just a matter of probability).

It's even better if you tweet at a time when your target is most active on Twitter.

Avoid tweeting every minute, no one likes to be bombarded with messages and this will scare away your potential customers.

1 Tweet per day is more than enough, 2 if there is really an event like the your mint.

4. How to buy NFT followers on Twitter

You can also accelerate your success on Twitter by buying likes, retweets and/or NFT-followers of course.

By doing so, you eliminate the main obstacle that keeps people from following and trusting you: lack of social proof.

As mentioned before, since most people tend to follow the crowd, social proof is one of the main ways humans decide to believe in your collection.

When you are followed by a large number of people, FOMO (fear of missing out) also applies, which increases the likelihood that people will follow you because they don't want to miss out on a potential NFT project that could make them a lot of money.

However, it's important to remember that even if you do buy followers, new organic followers won't stick around for long if you don't apply the 5 tips in this article.

That said, buying followers is a very effective technique to accelerate your growth on Twitter and can be a great strategy to go viral in the NFT world.

NFT Media Boost offers different service packages for buying followers and engagement for NFT Twitter accounts.

5. Conclusion

You don't need to buy followers, likes and retweets to grow your account. It only allows you to gain several months of work in one click. The important thing is to be regular and listen to your community!