How to engage 10,000+ Twitter fans in 30 days?

10'000 Twitter NFT followers in 30 days

We are obviously talking about a strategy adapted to NFTs, but it can be very useful in a completely different field.

Step 1 - Create your NFT profile

Before you think about anything, creating your NFT account on Twitter is the first thing you should do. It's the most important thing you can do!

So remember to have a profile picture that matches your project to attract NFT Twitter followers later on.

The goal is to couple a nice profile picture with a nice banner and an original description.

You can use the example of BAYC to help you:

  1. a simple and understandable NFT profile picture (in addition to being very professional)
  2. a very well designed banner with the universe of the NFT work
  3. a simple, understandable, easily readable description

This is the first step to attract the right NFT Twitter profiles to your account.

Step 2 - Publish relevant content

You now have the front page of your project. Now you need to attract people!

And for that, we don't make old bones. You'll have to publish content with real added value every day (and even several times a day).

Sounds long and boring? Yes, but there are ways to automate this. Take 1 day, create about 30 publications and schedule them to be sent via a software easily found online.

You'll be fine for several weeks of publications and will capture a good number of Twitter NFT followers.

Step 3 - Gather NFT followers

Beyond publishing relevant content, consider interacting with those NFT followers under your posts.

If you don't, you will simply lose that person's conversion. So you might as well take 10 minutes every day to do this rather than letting all those NFT Twitter followers go to the competition.

In any case, this method takes time. To save time, you can boost your profile by buy NFT Twitter followers. Even in small quantities, buying NFT followers will improve your score on the platform and make you more visible.

Step 4 - Repeat the same process

By doing this, you will gain 10, 100, 1000 NFT followers per week. Repeat the operation for 1 month and you're done.

The effect will only be greater each day for the simple reason that humans think like this on Twitter:

  • the more people follow an account, the more likely I am to follow this account (it's a trust bias)

Some sites can also allow you to buy directly the number of NFT followers you need. That's what we do on NFT Media Boost, you just need to place an order with the number of NFT Twitter followers you want and you will receive them within a few hours.

This gives you credibility and visibility in an instant. This way, someone who would have hesitated to follow you because you didn't have enough followers will be convinced in half a second.

Step 5 - Earn money from your NFT fans

We don't need to tell you the rest of the process. You will be able to engage these 10'000 people on your NFT collection and hope to make a sold out. You'll be able to rest easy for the rest of your life if you do well.

The entire NFT Media Boost team wishes you good luck in your quest.