How to earn free NFT in 2022?

Earn Free NFT Now

Some games may require an initial payment before players can log in to earn NFTs, but there are a few free NFT games worth checking out.

Earn free NFT by different ways!

A way to earn free NFTs is to sign up for an NFT-based computer game. There are also ways to get NFT for free, including giveaways on social networks or in games, as well as free mining. One of the best ways to earn free NFTs is to play the leading NFT games to earn.


These games have been specifically designed and created to encourage NFT trading and promote NFT adoption among users. Think of them as free games with the added benefit of generating revenue opportunities through NFT and blockchain technology.

A free-to-play and play-to-earn collectible card game where users can build decks and play against each other. MyMasterWar is a DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem with the difference that the game uses blockchain technology as well as a Free Play to Earn and Staking model.

If you have an NFT collection based on a play to earn system, you can now boost it on NFT Media Boost.

Illuvium, Chain Monsters and Upland :

  • Illuvium is an open-world adventure RPG based on the Ethereum blockchain with a play-by-ear structure where users can earn in-game rewards.
  • MMORPG Chain Monsters is a free game based on the Ethereum blockchain where you can train, transform and trade monsters or digital monsters.
  • Upland is a real estate trading game based on real addresses and locations around the world.

The Sandbox :

SandBox 3D is one of the popular free NFT games, which are voxel-based Metaverse NFT games in which players can easily buy, own and grow their game assets, as well as engage in visual asset trading. Think of The Sandbox as NFT-based Minecraft or Roblox, you can play and create games and resources.

Gods Unchained :

Gods Unchained is a free tactical card game that gives players full control over in-game items. However, once you get into Gods Unchained, you will be able to earn more cards through battles and quests.

You can only have big rewards like items and other materials that can be useful when Osiris starts his game feature to earn. While this game is free to play, you can also purchase a limited number of items from their marketplace, which is still in development, just to anticipate other players when the game finally goes to the moon. The game is free to play, but there are options if you want to invest some money.

Alien Worlds :

Alien Worlds uses digital objects created as NFTs as battle avatars and mining tools. The game uses NFT and players mine the in-game cryptocurrency known as Trilium. Games like Alien Worlds and Farmers World allow players to earn free NFTs or buy them. As gamers play on mobile devices, consoles and PCs both online and offline, the revenue generated from NFT items goes to fund the gaming feature.

Gala Network :

Gala Network supports city stars and players can earn gala tokens and money in mental boxes while enjoying the game. Arc8 allows users to play 10 random matches where they can participate in head-to-head matches and group tournaments to win tokens.

Blankos Block Party :

A fun, supportive blockchain-based version of the game where you can create, create your own ether or earn money by completing tasks for users on other platforms. Blankos Block Party is a fun and addictive game where you can play with friends and earn Ethereum (ETH) by completing tasks and other activities.

Splinterlands & Coin Hunt World :

  • Basically, Splinterlands is intended for people who are tired of card games that require significant financial investments.
  • Coin Hunt World is a free online game developed by the industry veterans who brought you Bittrex.

Epic Games :

It's no surprise that big game developers like Epic Games, creators of games like Fortnite, have announced their receptivity to blockchain games, while Ubisoft, the birthplace of popular video games like Assassins Creed, is already planning to integrate "play, to earn" in Ubisoft Titles. Platforms that include such features range from collectible card games to role-playing games (RPGs), but you usually need to purchase game assets to get started.

To resume on how to earn free NFTs :

Many NFT games include financial models that allow players to earn money while playing. Combining video games with finance, or GameFi as gamers call it, NFT games use NFTs, unique digital collectibles on the blockchain that players can sell in-game to other collectors and players.

In fact, one of the main strengths of blockchain gaming is the ability to earn and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies on the market. The tokenization of these gaming assets could also be the basis for the development of video games based on the “play to earn” principle.