How to create and sell your NFT collection for FREE?


This article is intended to help you in these steps and make you the future nugget of the medium!

If you are here, it is because you want to sell your NFT collection or create one.

Here, we will focus on the creation and sale of NFT on the OpenSea platform and the Polygon blockchain (it is based on Ethereum but allows to reduce gas fees which is a non-negligible asset to launch a collection of NFT for free or at lower costs).

Step 1: Create a Metamask account

We are not going to redo a tutorial here, everything is explained on the site of the latter right here : Create a Metamask account (100% decentralized crypto wallet).

Step 2 : Connect your Metamask to OpenSea

How to connect your Metamask to Opensea

Step 3 : Create a collection

Go to OpenSea and next on your profile in the top right corner, then to the "My Collections" tab and click on "Create" to start your first collection!

Step 4 : Configure the collection (one of the most important steps)

First, fill in the basic information (name, logo, banner, social networks...).

Then, add a category corresponding to your NFT in order to be better referenced on the platform.

You can also choose the amount of your dividends. It will be the percentage you will earn with each future sale of your NFT. Be careful, we will tend to put it very high in order to collect a maximum of ETH but this can scare away potential buyers! We advise you not to exceed 15% of dividends.

Now it's time to select the right blockchain! The Ethereum blockchain is obviously the most popular one, however the transaction fees on it are extremely high. The NFT Media Boost team therefore recommends that you use the Polygon blockchain to pay zero gas fees.

To finish, you just have to fill in the address of your wallet (ex: 0xaer212...) and finalize your configuration.

Step 5: Creating NFT

Whether it is with Photoshop, Adobe XD, Blender or others... there are many tools to create your NFT.

The important thing here will be :

Note that OpenSea accepts almost all types of formats (.jpg, .gif, .mp4...).

The only limit is your imagination!

Of course, you can try to follow a trend and create a collection of rainbow monkeys. You will surely make money... but it won't last in time! It's up to you, and there are no right or wrong decisions here ;)

Also think bigger than just NFT profile pictures. You can very well create music NFTs as .mp3 and sell it on OpenSea. The sector is less developed and can be just as profitable!

If you create a collection of music NFT. Let's say that the collection is an album, composed of 6 musics (6 NFT). Each NFT exists in 10'000 copies only and costs 1$.

NFT collection of music

The price is very attractive and if your project is attractive, you will have sold your entire collection before you know it!

Step 6: Building a community is very important

Once your collection is ready, your NFTs are created and added to the collection, it's time to sell them!

For that you will need :

  • a Twitter with visibility
  • an active Discord
  • a website

NFT hunters are looking at these 3 things first. As far as Twitter is concerned, having a minimum of 2'000 followers and +300 likes per post is a very good indicator!

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As far as the Discord is concerned, beyond 3'000 members, the project starts to be serious but it really becomes so from 10'000 members. Moreover, the moderators have to be active and create a link between the different people of the community!

As for the website, it should contain the basic information about the project, the road map and the team behind it! The more transparent you are, the more people will trust you.

A website only takes a few days to set up. However, creating a community on Discord and Twitter can take much longer (5 months to 1 year). So you can buy Twitter followers and Discord members directly on our site to speed up your progress. These Twitter and Discord subscribers come from countries active in the NFT community. It's up to you to judge their relevance now:

Step 7: Sell an NFT

Now that you have a solid community, you can list yourself on sites like NFT Calendar to showcase your collection.

Also, it's time to tease on the networks the date of the presale (for VIPs), the date of the public sale and the price for each of them.

If you have done all the previous steps well and your project pleases, then your NFT collection will reap the rewards.


Once you start to have some community on Twitter and Discord, don't hesitate to connect with other NFT projects on the same blockchain as you. Try to create partnerships to reach other communities! A loyal subscriber is a guaranteed sale on the day.

If you want to get partnerships faster, don't hesitate to check our Twitter subscriber boosts and our Discord member boosts:

If you have any questions about your boosts, don't hesitate to contact us by using the little message tab at the bottom right of your screen or by email. We will be happy to answer you!