Buying followers on Twitter: legal or illegal?

Buy twitter followers is legal

If you've been around Twitter for a while and are using it as a marketing tool, you've probably already thought about buying followers.

But is buying Twitter followers legal or not? Also, is buying Twitter followers safe or is it a scam?

After reading this article, you will know everything about Twitter followers, and this also applies to NFT Twitter followers.

Is buying Twitter followers legal or not?

Yes, it's totally legal to buy Twitter followers. It doesn't break any rules or put your account at risk. Moreover, given the number of people who use this technique, it is better to play on the same footing as them.

So to improve your credibility and popularity, buying Twitter followers is a good way to achieve your goals.

Where to buy Twitter followers?

Here are 7 sites where you can buy followers legally and securely:


Can my Twitter account get banned?

As said at the beginning, there is no risk to buy Twitter followers. Of course, it is necessary to go through safe sites in order not to lose your recently purchased followers. This is called "drop" and it happens when Twitter makes updates. If your provider site is good, it will send you followers for free.

How to get Twitter followers legally? (3 easy steps)

You can get Twitter followers legally by :

  • going to one of the 7 sites listed above
  • choosing your quantity of Twitter followers
  • waiting and watching your account grow

Can I buy Twitter followers on multiple accounts?

Yes, you can buy Twitter followers for multiple accounts. The process is the same as before except that you will have to repeat the operation for your different accounts.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there are many guarantees. For example, on NFT Media Boost, if you are not satisfied, you can tell the team and they will find an arrangement so that you are happy in the end.

What is the best site to buy Twitter followers?

The best site to buy Twitter followers is, it is 100% legal and specialized in NFT. And even if you are not looking for NFT followers, you can very well ask the team to provide you with non-NFT followers. They are listening and will do their best to accommodate you.

Do I need to give my password?

No. If a site asks you for your Twitter password, we advise you to switch providers. All you need to do is send your Twitter account URL, nothing more, nothing less.

Will buying Twitter followers impact my business?

Yes, and for the better. By getting Twitter followers, you will increase the visibility of your profile. In addition, you will gain credibility and attract more people to your business.

Why buy Twitter followers?

There are several benefits to buying Twitter followers:

  • get a more popular profile
  • gain credibility for your business
  • be "friends" with the Twitter algorithm

How long will it take to get my followers?

It depends on your provider. On average, it takes 6 hours before the boost starts. Thereafter, the more followers you have, the longer it will take. On NFT Media Boost, it takes on average 8 hours for 1'000 followers.