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Do you want to significantly improve the credibility of your Discord? Be aware that NFT hunters focus a lot on the total number of subscribers on the server.

The famous gaming chat platform has now become the hub of the NFT scene. An NFT project without Discord is an NFT project that is not serious.

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But beyond having a Discord, it needs to contain a sufficient number of members to make it credible.

Here are the slices of judgment that NFT hunters make:

  • < 1'000 members: "the project is not interesting"
  • ~ 3'000 members : "we are starting to be on a good track".
  • ~ 10'000 members : "the project is very interesting
  • > 20'000 members : "the project will be a hit, I'll invest with my eyes closed".

It's not more complicated than that! If you want to attract people to your Discord, you need enough members to make it credible.

In the beginning, a total of 5'000 Discord members is more than necessary.

How to buy NFT Discord Members?

Nowadays, it has never been easier to get quality and cheap Discord members. But not many online stores offer the purchase of NFT-related Discord members.

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Whatever happens, buying Discord members is crucial if you want to blow up your NFT project without having to reach 1 to 2 years.

But why choose Discord to promote your NFT projects?

To put it plainly, for an NFT project there are 2 essential platforms: Twitter and Discord.

If you are present on one but not on the other, you're done.

You need to create a strong community on Twitter with a good number of followers and interactions and then bring this traffic to Discord to keep it loyal.

Twitter acts as a bridge between your NFT collection and your Discord.

On your Discord, that's where you'll be interacting with members, announcing news, winning whitelists, etc.

This is where it all happens!

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Is it really safe to buy Discord members?

One might think that it is risky, that our Discord server might be closed etc. In reality, this is not the case.

Out of more than 500 customers who have bought Discord members, not a single person has experienced any problems with their server. On the contrary, buying Discord members allowed them to attract more people and sell 70% to 100% of their collection.

So what are you waiting for?

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