Buy a good NFT profile on Twitter 👥

It is not uncommon to have to buy NFT twitter followers when you want to differentiate yourself from the competition.

But how to know if they are of good quality? How to know if they will bring me notoriety and not blacklist my account?

This is what we will see in this short but effective article.

We can even summarize this article in one sentence: Choose Your Provider Well.

1 - Do a market study

First, find out about all the suppliers who offer to buy NFT followers. You will probably find on the first page :

- Fiverr

- NFT Media Boost

- Social Plug

- Upwork

First of all, you can remove Fiverr and Upwork because they are sites that put forward people who offer various services (we recommend to go through a specialized site).

buy nft followers with NFT Media Boost instead of other providers

So we are left with 2 providers on the first page, but how to differentiate them and which one to choose?

2 - Find out about the platforms

You will simply go to each site and look at the following information:

  • clarity of the offer
  • customer reviews
  • price per 1'000 NFT Twitter followers
  • availability of customer service
  • contact customer service to get a free sample

Then you can make your choice.

3 - I don't want to buy any more NFT followers

It's your choice, but if this kind of site exists it's because people are using them and are taking the spotlight instead of you. So don't hesitate to try the smallest packages of NFT followers to get an idea and have no regrets.

The whole NFT Media Boost team wishes you good luck in your research ;)