TOP 15 NFT Marketplaces in 2022

The TOP of NFT marketplaces

There are many sites where you can buy or sell NFTs in 2022.

Several things will differentiate them notably:

  • the reputation
  • the blockchain used
  • the technology used
  • your needs 

Here is the TOP 15 of the best NFT platforms:

1. OpenSea

The essential platform of the NFT world. It offers a wide range of NFT, art, domain names, virtual worlds (metaverse), trading cards, sports and much more.

Creators can upload their own creation (.jpg, .mp4, .gif...) on the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon and, recently added, Solana. Without knowing how to code and very quickly.

Note that the Polygon blockchain does not charge you for gas! So you can put your collection online without paying anything. Unlike other blockchains where you have to pay fees for each transaction.

If you sell NFTs on OpenSea, you can set a fixed price, a dynamic price or an auction price (very interesting if your project has a high demand).

NFT best marketplace OpenSea

2. Rarible

Rarible is a community of people who own NFTs and ERC-20 RARI tokens. The RARI token is offered to active people on the platform who can sell or buy NFT. More than 75'000 RARI are distributed every week.

The platform remains similar in its operation to OpenSea but is much less known.

Rarible, a marketplace to buy and sell NFT

3. SuperRare

SuperRare can be characterized as the Instagram of NFTs. High quality NFTs are deposited there and can be bought and liked.

All transactions are done via the Ethereum crypto-currency, ether (ETH).

Much less accessible to the public, it is necessary to fill out a form so that one's artist profile is verified and accepted.

The new generation of NFT Marketplaces, SuperRare

4. Foundation

It was set up to make it a point of honor to bring digital creators together.

Its added value is that the royalties are 10% for the artists!

5. AtomicMarket

A rather original platform since AtomicMarket is a liquidity sharing platform related to NFT. Based on the Eosio blockchain (the EOS token), it gives everyone the possibility to use NFT product tokenization.

6. Myth Market

7. BakerySwap

8. KnownOrigin

9. Enjin Marketplace

10. Portion

11. Async Art

12. Nifty Gateway

13. Decentraland

14. Zora

15. Mintable 

These sites mainly use the Ethereum blockchain.

In terms of Solana marketplaces, you can find the following platforms:

Regarding the blockchain Avalanche :

And Elrond blockchain:

If you want to blow up your NFT project no matter the blockchain, platform or tokens... you just need to have a big community on Twitter and Discord mainly!

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