About Twitter NFT Likes

what to know on nft likes with twitter and tweet

What is it?

Buying Twitter likes has become commonplace. Indeed, instead of setting up a Twitter account, gathering an audience and creating a link with them for several years, some smart guys had the idea to create Twitter bots that would do exactly the same thing... but very faster.

No need to wait 2 years to build an audience and sell them a product, a service or even an NFT collection.

You have to take advantage of a hype wave that only lasts a few months, so building a Twitter account from scratch without buying NFT likes to go faster seems hard (and it is).

How do NFT Twitter likes work?

Buying likes on Twitter is easier than you think. Just type "buy Twitter likes" on your favorite browser and you'll come across dozens of sites selling the same thing at small prices.

You can write on the Internet: "buy NFT Twitter likes" and you will get... almost nothing. But we will come back later on the sites that sell NFT likes.

But how does it work in the end?

You will have to go to your favorite NFT provider, choose the quantity you want like 500 Twitter likes. Add it to your cart and place your order as if it was a physical product except that you will fill in your tweet URL.

Then the supplier will send its Twitter bots to likes your tweet. And in less than 12 hours, you can have your 500 Twitter likes purchased.

What are the advantages of buying NFT likes?

Let's assume that you are going to buy your Twitter likes from a good provider site. The advantages will be numerous and here is a non-exhaustive list:

  1. they are bots, so they will not unlike your tweet (the drop rate is very low, it is around 5% on average for the best NFT likes providers)
  2. the delivery is fast, which allows you to grow your tweet goal in no time (it takes 6 hours delivery for 100 NFT likes)
  3. your account will not be banned because quality providers use the latest technologies in terms of bots
  4. the purchase is secure and your data is anonymous so that your NFT collection can enjoy a full growth without hindrance
  5. having a high number of Twitter likes will considerably increase your credibility in the eyes of the algorithm and bring you real people ready to spend money in your NFTs

What are the disadvantages of buying Twitter likes?

In terms of disadvantages, it all depends on your provider. If your provider is good... there are none. More than 70% of NFTs projects use this kind of practice, so it's time for you to play on equal terms with them.

What will make the difference is the authenticity of your collection. But you still need visibility, and that's where NFT Twitter likes come in.

Where to get NFT likes ?

If you want to buy 100 Twitter likes, you can find your happiness at many suppliers.

However, there is only one site that stands out for selling NFT likes and that is NFT Media Boost. A little easy to say because we are currently on the latter, but we leave you the benefit of the doubt. You can go see our competitors, we will wait for your return among us.

But why go through NFT Media Boost?

  • Some platforms may ask you for your Twitter account password to access it. But we find this too extreme. That's why we developed a technology that only needs your tweet URL to dramatically increase your audience.
  • In addition, the prices on NFT Media Boost are a bit higher than the competitors, but not all competitors have NFT likes. These high quality likes (who comes from United States, Canada and United Kingdom) cost more to produce and maintain which explains their cost. A cost largely paid back by the sale of your NFTs collection as our previous customers have told us.
  • Subsequently, this is an area that is subject to much reluctance, people doubt the effectiveness of this kind of process and this is normal. That's why a customer service is available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

It's now the perfect time to popularize your tweet and sell your NFT collection.

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