About OpenSea Interactions

all you need to know about opensea favorites and views on nft media boost

What is it?

Buying favorites and views on OpenSea allows you to differentiate your NFT from all competitors. Instead of releasing 10'000 NFTs, each of which will have 3 views and 2 likes like 90% of the projects. You will be able to have hundreds of favorites and views from the start!

OpenSea will push your collection forward, more people will see it and will be afraid to miss the opportunity by seeing all these interactions. And finally... they will buy your NFTs.

You have to take advantage of a hype wave that only lasts a few months, so building your NFT collection is important (but difficult).

How does adding to favorites on OpenSea work?

Buying interactions on OpenSea is less easy than you think. You can write on the Internet "buy OpenSea views" and you will get... almost nothing. But we'll come back later on the sites that sell this kind of services.

But how does it work in the end?

You'll have to go to your favorite NFT provider's site, choose the quantity you want like 100 OpenSea likes and views. Add it to your cart and place your order as if it were a physical product, except that you will indicate the URL of your NFT.

Then, the supplier will send its boost to bookmark your NFT. And in less than 24 - 48 hours, you can have your NFT boosted.

What are the advantages of buying OpenSea likes?

The advantages will be numerous and here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • they are bots (the drop rate is very low, it is about 5% on average for the best NFT providers)
  • the delivery is fast, which allows you to increase your tweet target in no time
  • your account won't be banned because quality providers use the latest bot technology
  • the purchase is secure and your data is anonymous

What are the disadvantages of buying likes on OpenSea?

In terms of drawbacks, it all depends on your provider. If your provider is good, there are none.

What will make the difference is the authenticity of your collection. But you still need visibility, and that's where OpenSea likes will help you get ahead.

Where to get OpenSea likes and views?

If you want to buy 100 OpenSea likes, you can find your happiness only from a few suppliers. Where Twitter boosts are common, OpenSea boosts are much less popular.

NFT Media Boost allows you to buy OpenSea boosts.

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