Why Twitter NFT profile pictures are important?

Twitter is number one on the NFT rotation

Twitter has announced that Twitter users participating in Twitter Blue Twitter Blue will now be able to verify ownership of their NFT and use it as their profile picture on their account.

A new Twitter NFT option!

Last week, Twitter introduced the ability to use a verified NFT as a profile picture, which is then displayed as a hexagonal image. Once a user purchases a CryptoSnoo NFT and links it to their Reddit account, the NFT image becomes the user's Reddit avatar. Popular crypto forum Reddit is also tasting the water by allowing users to set any NFT as their profile picture. 

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have also set up photos of NFTs on their profiles, as Twitter has yet to provide any official way to verify users' crypto wallets and verify ownership. People were so busy collecting NFTs that they didn't really show off the NFTs they owned until recently when Twitter announced NFT profile pictures. It was only a matter of time before Twitter jumped on the cryptocurrency train with a method for verifying purchased NFT profile pictures, and Twitter did not disappoint. Last year, the company also attempted to issue its own NFTs, which were made available for free.

Twitter thus officially becomes the network to find, sell and buy NFT collections. If you want to build a community quickly on this platform, buy 1'000 Twitter followers and start your adventure.

Twitter becomes more and more NFT friendly.

Twitter has previously hinted at its plans to use NFTs more fully, which has become a big topic of discussion on the platform. In one report, Twitter took an unsurprisingly bullish stance on cryptocurrencies and NFTs in general, given its founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey's passion for bitcoin, as well as Twitter's launch of the Bitcoin Lightning Network flip feature and NFT profile picture integration. Twitter (TWTR -0.87%) has long played a role in this phase of opening up and building a community and is now trying to find a way to add value to the NFT community itself.

The introduction is important because of the role that Twitter plays in the community described above. This feature will be similar to the one introduced by Twitter earlier this month. This feature was visually demonstrated by Mada Aflak, a Twitter software engineer.

Twitter recently updated its platform to allow NFT holders to post PFPs in a distinctive hexagon, lending legitimacy to the idea that this could be one of the ways people express their identity online in the future. Twitter has explored several ways to incorporate the concepts of NFTs and decentralized networks into its platform.

Rolling is following Twitter's growing interest in bringing decentralized technology to its platform, which includes things like support for bitcoin hints and the recent hiring of Tess Rinerson as lead crypto developer. Later, Twitter NFT product support will be available to Android users and the web. The Twitter Blue subscription service is not yet available globally, which will limit the acceptance of NFT profile images to early markets where this offer is already available:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Twitter Blue premium subscribers for $2.99/month can now set a verified NFT image as their profile picture, but only on the Twitter iOS app, although NFT avatars will be visible on all other platforms. NFT avatars will be hexagonal instead of circle, and can only be customized through the Twitter app for iOS at the moment. While only iOS users will be able to set their NFT as their profile picture, all Twitter users will be able to see the new hexagon-shaped image regardless of which platform they are currently using, Twitter said in a post. 

A NFT rotation we like!

You can now view your NFTs on the social network Twitter as a profile photo, which can be used for online viewing and verification. You can mint (produce) NFTs or buy them online and label them clearly as a Twitter profile. Twitter NFT holders can easily connect with other NFT holders and even trade through their Twitter profiles. Users will receive a collectible NFT card on their profile, and comments made by the user will receive an animated glow. 

Many Twitter users use an NFT image as their profile picture but find it difficult to prove ownership, especially when they encounter trolls who do nothing but right-click and steal their NFT to show them the fallacy of their investment. Twitter users are also raising the issue of determining the authenticity of the NFT, since multiple pages must be clicked to verify. Talk of NFTs, unique tokens that can indicate ownership of digital assets, also exploded on Twitter, recording a 242% increase, according to the report. On Thursday, New York-based Twitter (CNN Business) began rolling out a feature that would allow some users to set their own NFT as their profile picture to signal their investment in the emerging digital art space owned by some NFT users.

Today, Twitter is introducing a new feature that will allow users to display their NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, a way to certify digital assets stored on users' blockchain. At the time, security researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that the OpenSea NFT market had done away with Twitter's NFT feature. NFT marketplace company OpenSea spokesperson Ellie Mack confirmed that the NFT profile images that appear on Twitter are verified through the company's website.

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