10 proven tips to get more Twitter followers for FREE

Twitter followers for free

Want to know how to get more Twitter followers for free? With over 187 million active users, Twitter is indeed a goldmine for social media marketing. But that also means we face competition from many brands, big and small.

Use proven Twitter marketing techniques to get a large and unique audience. In this article, I'll show you many ways to increase your Twitter followers. These Twitter tips are easy to implement and you can use them immediately to increase your followers.

And the best part is that they are completely free.

1. Have Good Timing When You Tweet

Twitter moves much faster than other platforms, so you need to post frequently to stay in the game.

In fact, you can check the Twitter feeds of popular brands to see that they post quite often. Everyone has been posting a lot, so I can't afford to be behind.

Studies show that you need to post at least 6 times a day for effective Twitter marketing.

Also, time to tweet is important. In general, users tend to use Twitter in the afternoon. If your Tweet program helps, here are some ways to increase your engagement rate. Plus, you may be able to get maximum engagement on Twitter.

If the tweet is for another company, this time is 11am-1pm on Monday or Thursday.

However, if you want to contact consumers directly, you should aim for a time zone of 12:00-1:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

2. Highlight Your Best Tweet

In social media marketing, it only takes a few seconds to impress other users. Therefore, it is important to stand out in your Twitter profile.

To do this, pin the best tweets so that they appear at the top of your Twitter profile.

Simply pin the best content and everyone who visits your Twitter profile will see it immediately. You can improve your first impression by providing free, helpful tips to followers. Also, if you want to increase traffic, you can add a link to a fixed tweet. It's at the top of your profile, so it gets more clicks.

3. Embed Your Twitter Feed On Your Website

Want to drive traffic from your website to your Twitter account? A simple way to do this is to add a Twitter feed to your website.

You no longer need to add individual Twitter posts. Twitter feeds allow you to add anything directly to your website from your Twitter account.

Here you are not limited to your timeline. The feed can display posts from hashtags or someone else's timeline.

4. Use As Many Hashtags As Possible

With about 500,000 tweets sent every minute, it's a daunting task to stand out in this new sea of tweets. Fortunately, there's a simple way to increase your chances.

You can easily search by simply adding a hashtag to your tweet. Make sure the hashtag is relevant to your content. Otherwise, your content could be mistaken for spam. In fact, you can also add relevant hashtags to your bio to make your Twitter profile more searchable. And there are trending hashtags too. "Trending" on Twitter basically means that many people are talking about a particular topic. You can also find hashtags about these popular topics. If hashtags related to your brand are trending, it's a good time to join the conversation. 

5. Set Up Correctly Your Twitter Profile

It seems like a small thing. Setting up your Twitter profile correctly is one of the best ways to get new Twitter followers for free.

There's all the competition out there, so you need every advantage you can get to stand out. And a complete Twitter profile helps with that.

To get started, you'll need a Twitter profile with the following details:

  • Profile photo with logo or company photo.
  • Twitter handle for your name or company name.
  • A short bio and a bit of personality.
  • A link to your website.
  • And your place.

With these simple elements, you get a much more complete and professional Twitter profile. Plus, with properly placed links, people know where to go when they need more content from you.

6. Post Visual Content

 Here's another free Twitter tip to get more followers: search for images and videos.

Video content is six times more likely to be retweeted on Twitter. Plus, tweets with images get 35% more engagement. Therefore, social media marketing cannot rely solely on plain text.

There are many options for visual content on Twitter. If you want to post useful tweets, choose a compelling infographic. And why not use a bright gif or short video to brighten up your subscriber's day?

Just add visual content and your Twitter timeline will quickly become attractive. After that, it's very easy to get more followers for free.

7. No Spam

 Another way to get more free Twitter followers is to avoid spamming your posts.
If you're not sure what Twitter considers spam, check out the following quick guide: 

  • Always tweet links without other content
  • Tweet the same content on multiple accounts
  • Post a lot of duplicate tweets
  • Create fake accounts and create fake interactions on Twitter (follows, retweets, likes, etc.)

Try to buy or artificially inflate an interaction on Twitter. Get lots of unwanted replies and mentions

Post a bunch of updates and try to manipulate Twitter trends. Use or promote third-party services and claim to get more engagement on Twitter. Also, remember that spamming violates Twitter's rules and can result in the loss of your account.

But if you avoid spam, your brand will look much more authentic on Twitter.
And the more authentic your brand is, the more authentic your relationship with your followers is.

Therefore, if you want to increase your Twitter followers, regularly check your content on Twitter to make sure it complies with your platform's policies.

8. Social Proof Is The Key

Imagine buying something online. Before you do that, you should check out the reviews and opinions of others, right?

And this is the mechanism of social proof. People consider other people's opinions as a kind of evidence before making a decision.

By increasing your Twitter followers, you can use positive interactions to improve your brand image.

9. Create Twitter Lists

Lists are another great way to connect with Twitter users.

A Twitter list is just a list of similar Twitter accounts. It sounds easy, but you can increase your followers without any extra effort.

You can create a list of brand ambassadors, valued customers and other social media engagement targets. This way, you will get a great list of people related to your brand that others can see. And it can also serve as social proof. People can search the list to see how others are using your product and interacting with you on Twitter.

You can also create a list of helpful resources on Twitter. A great way to get involved in social media is to be a trusted source of information. This way you can create a list of the best accounts to follow, trusted brands, etc. When your Twitter list helps people, they follow you for more useful information.

Plus, it's a great way to organize things for Twitter marketing. You can create a private Twitter list to follow accounts that are important to your brand. These include competitors, potential customers and high-value customers.

Overall, Twitter lists are a very useful tool. You can also integrate them with your website to maximize engagement, just like Twitter feeds.

For example, if you have a Twitter list of accounts that use and promote your content, you can integrate a feed that aggregates posts from all of those accounts.

That way, anyone visiting your website can see how people are using your product. And it's easy too. As with Twitter feeds, setup is a few clicks away and requires no technical knowledge or coding.

10. Use Analytics Data

Also, analysis cannot be ignored. Before you launch a Twitter marketing game, you need to know the current situation.

Through analytics, you can know exactly how your Twitter account is performing.

This way, you can see what you are doing well and what you need to improve.
Besides, Twitter Analytics has many useful features, so you don't have to spend too much effort. You can use it to track the number of followers, profile visits, mentions, etc. And see how you are. Also, get statistics for individual posts to see which posts are effective and which are not.

Then use Twitter Analytics to see how effective your campaign is. This shows that your efforts are paying off. As you can see, looking at your analytics makes it much easier to get more followers on Twitter.
that's it!

I hope you have an idea on how to increase your Twitter followers. With these tips, it's easy and free to increase your Twitter followers. It doesn't take much effort to turn your Twitter profile into a social media powerhouse.